Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stupid Blog

My blog is against me. It's probably conspiring with other blogs... Maybe all of our blogs are conspiring with other blogs about all of you!

Have you ever been sitting at home, along, thinking about blogging. Then you decide to blog, open a web browser and sign into your favorite blog? You write until you have what you want blogged and then decide to upload a picture? But, alas, when you upload said picture the blog disappears?


Call 1-800-Bloganon

Ok, I made the last part up. There is no Bloganan and sorry for the rambeling. I do that sometimes. Anyway, the weirdest thing... when I went to uplaod a pic and hit [Publish Post] button, my blog (in priview and on the actual blog page) looked like a few tiny squigly lines. When I didn't add a picture, it looked fine. When I added a different picture it looked a like a few tiny squiggly lines... When I got rid of that picture, it was fine again. My blog h as eaten my pictures. I'm very mad at it. Bad Blog.


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